Comment Threads and In-app, Real-time Support

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Last weeks launch of GC’s “Minimum Lovable Product” (M❤️P) was absolutely incredible, and that’s heavily in part to so many of you reading this! You’ve scheduled time to onboarded with us, started working GC into your daily workflow, shared so much incredible feedback, and even started sharing GC with your friends and teammates. The whole General Collaboration team is so grateful for your help and support!

Please keep the feedback coming! We’ll keep the features and improvements coming! And, if you haven’t already, book and onboarding session today and we’ll get you using GC real soon!

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But first, here’s what’s new in GC this week…

Comment Threads

GC now understands the relationship between comments and replies. Now you’ll see comments organizes comments in the same thread together, and makes it possible to easily take bulk actions across multiple comments in the same thread.

In-app, Real-time Support

Have a question? An idea? Feedback to share? Click the 💬 button at the top of the GC sidebar and you'll be able to chat directly with a member of the GC team. Talk soon!

👾 Other Improvements & Fixes

  • Increased how quickly GC can fetch data by fetching data directly from your browser, rather than needing to download information from the cloud.

  • Made it so you can toggle between tabs in GC (Inbox, Done, etc.) without needing to reload the entire GC app.

  • Made it more clear that “Mark as done” in GC only archives comments from your GC inbox and doesn’t resolve the comment in the underlying app. Thanks Bhavika S for calling that out!

  • Improved how keyboard and cursor focus work inside GC. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us Stas T!

  • Updated profiling questions during onboarding to be more clear. Thanks Jack R for the feedback!

  • Fixed bug where the GC jewel would occasionally disappear for view. Thanks Pat R and Bhavika S and for reporting!

  • Fixed a bug that made it hard to apply and remove filters. Thanks for flagging Jack R!

  • We’ve hidden distracting, bot-generated comments in apps like Linear and Jira. Great catch, Stas T!

Thanks so much for your help, support, and feedback. And looking forward to sharing what we’re working on now with you next week!

- The General Collaboration Team

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