GC connects and consolidates comments across all the docs and apps you and your product team use.

Collaboration is fractured and siloed across all the apps we use at work. GC connects the comment and collaboration features across all our favorite (and least favorite) apps like Google Docs, Figma, Jira, Notion, Airtable, Coda, Slack, etc... so our teams can work together on projects instead of working piecemeal in siloed tools.

Every day we get blocked, wires get crossed, we’re interrupted by messages, pulled into random meetings. With GC, context easily flows from doc to doc and from app to app. That way, you and your teammates always know what happened, what's happening, and what needs to happen next.

We don't need another tool. We don't need another inbox to check. We just need our tools to work together so our teams can work together.

GC is coming soon. Want to make it come even sooner? Drop us a line at team@generalcollaboration.com.

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