GC in Private Beta

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Today we’re writing you with a major update. GC is graduating from alpha into private beta!

If you’re reading this you’re either on our waitlist or have been a participant in one of our user research studies, helping test various prior versions of GC. For that we can’t thank you enough!

Late last year, through all your help and feedback, we reached the conviction we’d been looking for to take on a few major projects. Internally we’d referred the versions of GC you’d tested as our “Minimum Tryable Product” but today, with those major projects completed, we’re excited to share our “Minimum Lovable Product” (M❤️P) with you.

Our M❤️P is faster and more reliable, integrates with more apps, prioritizes your comments more intelligently, and is more useful than any version of GC you’ve tested before. As of today we’re opening up access to GC’s private beta for the first time. And if you’re reading this, you’re invited!

Whether you’ve used GC in the past or you’re eager to use the new GC for the first time we’re excited to onboard you and share the new GC with you!

The new GC does three things:

  1. Helps you quickly triage and take action on all your comments across all your work apps.

  2. Identifies work happening across your company that’s relevant to your work and helps you join those conversations.

  3. Magically organizes all your documents across all your apps into Projects so you’ve always got the docs you need at your fingertips and never have to hunt and peck across siloed apps ever again.

Over the next few product updates we’ll dive deeper into each of these three core experiences, plus we’re only just getting started and there is much more to come that we’re excited to share as well. But for today, our ask is that if any or all of the above sounds like it would be helpful to you that you use the link below to join us for a private beta onboarding session.

Sign up for a Private Beta Onboarding Session

Thanks so much for your help, support, and feedback that got us here. We can’t wait for you to try to the new GC.

- The General Collaboration Team

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